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What is a Kitchen Table Reading Circle?


Kitchen Table Reading Circles are reading clubs hosted in your own home. Invite your friends, meet weekly or biweekly, read one chapter per week and share your responses to the questions in the Discussion Guide. You can also share your comments and thoughts below as you read the book.


Kitchen Circle Reading Circles are intimate, safe spaces where we can share our own experiences and explore how they connect to birth justice themes. When you and five friends or colleagues purchase at least 4 copies and read the book together, we will thank you by sending a special BWBJ gift (while supplies last). Just send us your location, names and email addresses for your Reading Circle members and a photo of your group holding the books.


If you are one of the first 10 groups to register, one of the editors or contributors will Skype in to one of your Kitchen Table Reading Circle sessions to chat with you about the book.


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Birthing Justice: Black Women, Pregnancy and Childbirth is now available in hard cover and paperback. 


Birthing Justice Discussion Guide 

available for free download! 


BWBJ’s anthology shares deeply moving stories by black women about giving birth and childbirth activism. This book will transform forever the way you think about childbirth!


There is so much that we can learn from the wisdom of Black midwives, doulas and activist mamas. Disproportionate numbers of preterm babies, and infant and maternal mortality are not inevitable. Women can experience childbirth as a powerful, healing and sacred moment, rather than one of disappointment and even trauma.  But we need to take action to challenge the inequities in our maternal outcomes. Help us to take Birthing Justice on the road, so that together we can build a movement for Birth Justice!


Birthing Justice invites you to learn from black women birth warriors and to make change happen in your family, community and world.


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