Our Goals


BWBJ is organizing toward the following goals. Join us!


1. To enhance black women’s faith in their strength and resilience, and empower them to make    

    healthy choices and to stand up for the pregnancy and birth experience they envision.


2. To improve black women’s access to appropriate and affordable prenatal, labor and delivery and    

    postpartum care.


3. To improve black women’s knowledge about and access to natural and alternative childbirth



4. To improve black women’s knowledge about and access to alternative birthing sites, including home

    birth and birth centers.


5. To advocate for the right of low-income women and women on welfare to make healthy and non-

    coerced decisions about whether to get pregnant or carry a pregnancy, to choose when, where and

    with whom to birth, and to access antenatal, birthing and breastfeeding support.


6. To end shackling and dangerous conditions for imprisoned pregnant women, and to advocate for    

    the release of pregnant and parenting women from prisons, jails and detention centers.


7. To improve black women’s knowledge about and access to culturally appropriate birth workers such

    as doulas and midwives.


8. To educate black women about the effects of medical interventions in labor and delivery, and

    ensure they are fully aware of potential risks and side effects.


9. To provide a forum for healing and support for black women recovering from birth trauma and to

    support pregnant and postpartum black women in reporting and challenging medical abuses.


10. To challenge media representations that fuel a fear of natural birth, or encourage overuse of

      medicalization and drug use during labor and delivery.  


11. To provide information about the benefits of breastfeeding, provide positive images, and to

      challenge corporate and medical promotion of baby milk formula to black women.


12. To ensure that all progressive movements, including the feminist, reproductive rights, natural    

      birth, civil rights, environmental justice, prison abolition, LGBTQ and immigrant rights movements

      understand and support birth justice, and include the concerns, experiences and

      leadership of black women. 

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