Birthing Inequities: BWBJ in the news

BWBJ's new book Battling Over Birth, based on community-based research with over 100 black women in California was recently featured in an article in the East Bay Express. The article revealed the disproportionate rate of death for black infants in the San Francisco Bay Area.

BWBJ member Chinyere Oparah, who was interviewed for the article cautioned against the "culture of fear" that focusing on these statistics can promote, reminding readers that most pregnant individuals will have a healthy baby. BWBJ's research shows that when women are afraid, they are more vulnerable to coercion and unwanted interventions, and we believe that its important to remind ourselves that our bodies know how to birth our babies. At the same time, we need to call out how where the maternal health care system is failing black women. "We should be looking at not just the streets and the police and the prison system and how Black people are losing their lives there, but actually we should be looking within our maternal healthcare system and the unnecessary deaths happening there both for Black women and infants" said Oparah.

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