BWBJ Collective Members Respond toTyra Wilkes Washington Post Article

Article: Black Mama's Matter

Media: Washington Post - Local Opinions

By Tyra Wilkes

Dated: August 9

Credit/ Link to article:

Linda: She speaks the truth. It's time to stop "studying and researching"things we already know the answer to. The money would be better served fixing the problems and saving lives.

They noted that “Doulas reduce the likelihood of near-death emergencies. Women who received doula support had lower preterm and caesarean birthrates than Medicaid beneficiaries regionally.” What’s important to add to this is that the known value of a doula needs to match the compensation rate for their services. Doulas are well positioned to help Black mamas navigate the maternal health care system, which Black mamas themselves have referred to as a “battle.” However, many of the proposed doula reimbursement rates around the nation do not offer doulas working at the community level, a sustainable wage. What we learned from the Battling Over Birth (2016) report is that one of the most significant barrier to access to doula-care for black women is the cost of doula care and inadequate coverage by insurers or Medicaid. Anyone looking for doulas, particularly black doulas to put their bodies, minds and hearts between black mamas and this system need to be thinking of ways to pay us well for those services.

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